The Hot Allazzura Gallery
The lonely Allazzura, while a quite capable machine, is relegated to the nether pages of motorcycle history. Nevertheless, a handful of people have recognized the potential of this light, agile and songful creature.
This is an old track bike that I bought a couple of years ago from a guy that used to be on the Ally list but was going overseas and couldn't take it with him.  I think it set for about 9 years.  I have had in storage and just got around to it as I had a 750 F1 and 748 projects that took priority.  I updated with new suspension, wheels, and brakes, etc. and had to replace pickups, belts, etc. and  built wiring harness, etc. to put back on street. I also replaced the end can on exhaust with Supertrapp since these pics were taken as open reverse meg. was too loud for street.  It has some unknown pistons and unknown cams that the previous owner thought might be FBF and VEE Two.  Ihave not been in the motor but can see some very nice port work on heads, intakes, and carbs.  It makes no power below 4500 but pulls very strong above that; it has a wicked cam lope though and everyone notices it right off when I pull up.  I was wondering if you were using an offset front sprocket on your Ally and if so, what did you use.  I am using a 4 1/2 inch rear wheel with a 160 tire with clearanced and plated swingarm. I have one that I cut down to a 520 and then put on backwards after relieving some of the splines on the front side (now the back side closest to motor) to allow sprocket to slide on far enough for retainer plate to line up.  It is working but I am concerned that I have lost a lot of the spline area.  Got any better ideas or know anybody that sells anything better?PS.  I will be posting pics to the Panta and Ally sites as soon as I get it cleaned up and get betters pics with more detail.

Bobby Ferris