SB6 Belly Pan Fix

I grew weary of my SB6R's ridiculous belly-pan woes (itís very poorly designed). Appreciatively, I caught the last iteration of the problem when the left edge of the pan started catching on my side stand.  So, I paid a visit to the local hardware store. For about $10.00 US, I repaired the issue, and provided a permanent improvement on design.  I reinforced the rear bolt holes with thin aluminum sheet metal plates (hand-trimmed to fit in about 10-minutes) & plastic-weld.  Then I fashioned another aluminum plate and glued a thin rubber pad to one side to act as a cushion and vibration damper between the plate and the plastic of the belly pan.  Holes were drilled where appropriate to match up with the original bolt-hole (bolt-holes in plastic...come on Bimota... the "Ferrari of motorcycles" can do better than that) and then went with pins instead of bolts.  No more problems.

Assembled, from the inside of the rear belly pan (top - from a normal view) here the original bolt holes are on each half of the belly pan
(bottom), it goes like this:

Pin -> metal washer -> neoprene washer -> aluminum plate -> plastic
Weld dhesive -> inside surface of belly pan.

Then, we have the aluminum plate that was fashioned and drilled so that itís over the four pins and holds the two halves of the pan together.
Assembled from the bottom up perspective,it is:

Shank of pin passing through from inside of belly pan -> spring cotter to ecure pin -> metal washer -> neoprene washer -> aluminum plate that
Sips over all four pins and couples the two halves of the belly pan ->
rubber damping pad -> outside surface of belly pan.

Weight-wise, it is negligible, maybe a few ounces total.  But structurally it is very sound.  Frankly, the fabrication can be done completely by hand with tin snips, a file, and a drill and bit.  If done well, it ads a snappy looking aluminum pin and plate assembly to the bottom of the belly pan, which contributes quite a bit to the aesthetics.

Ok...there you go...I have finally told someone and buried the tomahawk
once and for all on the belly-pan issue.