Pantah Performance Clutches
and Engine Components

Bimotacagiva lightened and vented racing clutch

As featured on Bimotacagiva sponsored racers.



The stock Ducati clutch can be vastly improved via lightening and venting for higher performance applications.
Similarly, the stock Pantah engine gears and other internals can be easily and dramatically lightened for reduced rotating mass.

The following clutch and engine performance components are available for your performance Pantah.

For orders, please contact

CNC Billet Flywheel holders. [330g. Stock is 960g. ~1.5 lb lighter than stock!] $125
[stock steel flywheel holder, for comparison]

Lightened Pantah Primary Gear Sets [1261g. Stock is 1385g. ~1/4 lb lighter than stock!].....$200 ($75 credit for core)
Lightened Pantah Countershaft Gear [350g. Stock is 420g.]........$100 ($25 credit for core )
Lightened Clutch Covers [380g. Stock is 455g.]............$275 ($150 credit for core)
Lightened Clutch Engine Covers [930g. Stock is 1160g. ]............ $125 ($25 credit for core)

Lightened Clutch Baskets [685g. Stock is 1060g. ~1 lb lighter than stock!].......... $140 ($40 credit for core)
[stock clutch basket, for comparison]

Lightened Bosch Flywheels [960g. Stock is 1430g. ~1 lb lighter than stock!]....... $150 ($50 credit for core)
[stock flywheel , for comparison]

Lightened Shift Drums - email for details
Barnett Clutch Plates - recommended for street and racing applications........ $200