Improving Allazurra Brakes
   The stock Allazurra braking system leaves a lot to be desired.  My stock 650ss had something like a 13mm front master cylinder, those ubiquitous Brembo F08 calipers, and piddly little ~250mm cast rotors. I changed all that for the equivalent of $300 US.

   First, I acquired some 300 mm cast iron rotors from a Guzzi. These were on most of the Guzzis (G5, Convert, T-3, etc.) throughout the 1980’s, so they’re plentiful and cheap. They have the same 6 bolt mounting pattern and offset as the stock rotors, so they mount very easily to the stock Oscam wheels.

   Next, I bought some Brembo goldline 4-piston calipers on Ebay. You can usually find them for $150/pair or so. I use the older style caliper with the 40mm mounting holes. I spent about an hour on the mill and made adaptors that place the calipers on the fork legs.

   I like to use a 20mm master cylinder with the Brembo 4 pots, and the cheapest one that I’ve found is from a BMW K1100. This is a 20mm, radial Magura item. They’re usually around $75-100 at a used BMW parts source. The master cylinder assembly is a bit klonky, as it has cast features for holding the right hand control switches and throttle cable on the Beemer. I put mine on a diet on the vertical mill, which made the master cylinder a bit smaller and more streamlined. I’ve had to replace the master cylinder piston and seals as they sometimes leak when they sit around too long. Kits are available for $40 from Eurotech Motorsports. With this master cylinder and caliper combination, you end up with a very comfortable 21:1 brake ratio.

   I also made some stainless lines for the Ally- I buy my stainless Teflon line and fittings from Earls Performance ( and make them myself. The BMW master cylinder has an attached brake switch, so you can eliminate the stock brake splitter/switch from the front brake system and simply run two brake lines from the master cylinder.

   After all this, what’s the outcome? Genuine 2 finger stopping power. You will be amazed. This is basically the same setup that you’ll find on the Superbikes, except for the unobtanium parts like radial mount billet calipers and slightly larger 320mm rotors. 

Ed Milich