Allazurra Dry Clutch

If you any significant mileage on your Allazurra, then you're probably aware of the limitations of the stock dry clutch. If you've replaced the stock clutch at any point, then you're equally aware of the sensitivity of the clutch plate stack. If you dont pack your clutch correctly, it will either stick or slip. It's that simple. The secret to a happy clutch pack is to leave 5mm clearance in the pack before you put the springs in. This allows enough lash to keep it from sticking in gear without slipping under load.  Do NOT simply put in all the plates that you are given when you order new clutch plates, as this number will invariably wrong. You will usually have a few extra plates left over once you pack you clutch corectly.

I've also found that it helps to very lightly grease specific areas of the clutch such as: 1.the holes/bosses that the six springs sit on, and 2.the throwout bearing shaft that sits in the tranny side of the clutch basket. This decreases the grabbiness between engine and tranny sides of the clutch with the lever held in. Every little bit helps. It's also very helpful to clean the disassembled clutch basket very well brake cleaner and with blow it out with compressed air. Since the stock clutch cover isn't vented, a lot of dust accumulates after 5000 miles or so.

I use the Barnett clutch kit, as their plates work great. Do
NOT use the Barnett springs as they are way too stiff- the clutch on my 60 hp Allauzrra racer works great without slipping with the stock springs. These aluminum friction plates are much lighter than the stock bronze/steel affair.

I have been told that throwout bearing failure can lead to leaky slave cylinder seals, so check your throwout bearing when you have the clutch cover off!