Pierre 650 Racebike Dyno Run by Ed Milich

Update! June 2007
Pierre's bike was down on power, so we ended up chasing our tail for a bit trying to figure it out. Here's what we eventually found- the homemade exhaust pipe that he commissioned was robbing it of 7 hp and lots of high end torque! I bolted on a WFO, OBNOXIOUS Conti- style 2 into 1 Megaphone and got this 60 hp result. Yes, the homemade exhaust was the culprit.

Pierre's bike now has my high comp pistons, 750ss cams, Carrillo bottom end, and Bruce Meyers heads. This is still a very mild motor, and I'm going to try to find him some 900ss cams to get him well past 60 hp. The lower trace is the bike with the homemade exhaust, upper trace in the bike with the wide open NASCAR inspired exhaust.
Below is athe baseline run for Pierre Pfeffer's red 650 GT racer.
Specs at this stage:
Bub 2 into 1pipe
13:1 BCM pistons
stock cams, stock heads
open velocity stacks