The Women Who Ride Bimotas
Patricia Bjerkholt, Norway
DB4 ie

I have a Bimota DB4ie 2000 model. I also have a R6. I took my racing license this year, but my riding license 4 years ago. I plan to race actively but with a 250cc. I live in Norway, so our riding season is only 4 months. We ride whenever we can, as long as the roads are free for snow. Rain is no obstacle. In Norway there are a lot of girls riding, most of them on a Japanese 600cc. I ride about 20 000 km a season on the Bimota.

Christiane Weissbach-Berger, Austria

I'm Christiane and I live in the beautiful country of Austria where thereare thousands of wonderful twisty roads and many alpine passes.The bike-season in Austria is usually limited to five months (May to September), and if you are unlucky, you can have snow even then. Rain has never kept me from riding ,but snow is not my favourite on two wheels and I already had that as well. I made the license for the bike several years after the one for the car and mainly I'm riding for fun, touring and extensive holidays.This can also be seen by the fact that I've chosen a Mantra instead of any race-model that might have even been cheaper.

Besides my beautiful red Mantra - according to Sarti's book only 28 were produced in red - I own a 1983 Moto Guzzi V65SP and since May 16th also a 1982 Laverda RGSSFC.


I'm Kim and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States (Seattle area).  I have a Bimota SB8R-S.  I bought her new in '01.  She's #19 (from her VIN).  I fell in love with this bike when I first saw pics of her in a magazine in the local dealer's office.  I
ordered her and waited over 6 months for her to reach our shores from Italy.

Sometimes bikes look really sexy, but the ride leaves a lot to be desired.  This bike,however, fulfills every promise she makes.  She's flickable, strong, spirited, stable, and trustworthy.  I love the engine.  The torqy-ness is perfect for my riding style - since I prefer
to ride "Pace".

Since getting her, I've been up on Mt. Rainier; St. Helens; the North Cascades Highway; the Washington peninsula (Hurricane Ridge); the  H.O.G. Rally in Penticton, BC; numerous ferry rides; and many other places. I'm even planning to take her to the Sturgis Harley Rally this summer!! Boy, I guess she'll really stick out there!  ;)

This bike has been a joy to ride from day 1.  I've had a challenge with the fuel mapping this spring, but it was fixed, and all is well.  I will be getting a Harley V-Rod for multi-state trips, but my first Love and primary choice for rides will always be my Bimota.