Dieci Sparkplug Change

   OK. This is one maintenance issue that separates the men from the boys. It’s not quite as bad as Bruce Allison’s 31 hour Tesi cam belt change, but it’s a few orders of magnitude more difficult than changing sparkplugs on a Guzzi. The outer two plugs can be fairly easily reached with a standard 17mm deep well socket and a universal (Cardan) joint extension. After that, the fun begins. Remove the motor mounts on the left and right sides of the frame. Remove the top rear motor mount bolt that goes all the way through the frame.  I also removed the exhaust header, the EXUP valve assembly, and the radiator mounts. This gave me a little extra room to play with. At this point, the engine will tilt forward until it is held in place by the drive chain. I lowered the engine slowly with a hydraulic jack placed underneath the engine. At this point, you can access all but the #2 plug.  To reach this one, I had to pull the coolant thermostat housing out a bit so that I had sufficient clearance to get in there with the 17mm deep well socket and universal joint extension. I set the plugs to the .035” gap.

   After that, you just put everything back together and check for leaks.  It was also helpful in this case to apply the “handles” that I made to mount on the side of the engine. I made these handles out of a 2” long hollow aluminum piece and long M10 (I believe) bolts. Place one on either side of the engine and now you have handles! These also come in handy when you’re trying to raise the front for a tire change.

   Now I won’t worry about the plugs again for a good 10k miles!

Ed Milich