Speedo Cable Adaptation

  The speedo on my Dieci wasnít working when I purchased my bike. I noticed that there was no cable to the front wheel, though. I got lucky and only needed a cable- everything else worked fine. I ended up adapting a Guzzi speedo cable to the Dieci, since most European bike manufacturers use the same speedo/tach cable terminations. 

  The two cables were different lengths, so I first cut the Guzzi cable to length. I had to braze a blob onto the end of the cable before I ground the sides square. I used a gas torch and bronze brazing rod. Previously, I used acid core soldier and a Bernz-o-matic to blob soldier on the cable, but the gas torch worked better. If you donít blob the ends of the cable, it will unravel and fall apart when you grind the end square.

  I was looking for a right angle adapter to fit the speedo end of the Dieci, as the cable otherwise has to make a bit of a bend. I couldnít find one with the right threaded terminations, so I made do without. No breakage for far...

UPDATE: I also found thatjust about any auto parts store sells a universal speedo cable kit for around $4. One end of the speedo cable is already ground down, and the other end is cut to length, and the flat end piece is crimped on. Easy fix!!!

Ed Milich